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How to Download Kid Movies for Free Online: The Ultimate Guide for Parents

How to Download Kid Movies for Free Online


  • Why kids love movies and why parents need them

  • The benefits of downloading movies for free online

  • The challenges and risks of finding safe and legal sources

  • The purpose and scope of this article

10 Places With Free Kids' Movies to Watch or Download

  • Popcornflix: a free movie website with a large selection of family-friendly movies

  • YouTube: a popular video platform with a section for free movies, including animated and live-action films

  • Tubi: a newer streaming service with dozens of movies for kids of all ages

  • Vudu: another streaming platform with nearly 100 movie options for kids and families

  • Entertainment Magazine: a website with public domain movies, including classics and cartoons

  • Pluto TV: a free TV service with hundreds of channels, including some dedicated to kids' movies

  • Hoopla: a digital media service that lets you borrow movies from your local library

  • Kanopy: another library-based service that offers educational and entertaining movies for kids

  • IMDb TV: a free service from the Internet Movie Database that features popular and award-winning movies for kids

  • Crackle: a Sony-owned service that offers a variety of movies, including some original and exclusive titles for kids

How to Download Movies From These Sources

  • The steps and requirements for downloading movies from each source

  • The pros and cons of downloading vs. streaming movies

  • The tips and tricks for saving storage space and avoiding malware

  • The best formats and devices for watching downloaded movies


  • A summary of the main points and recommendations from the article

  • A call to action for the readers to try out some of the sources and share their feedback

  • A disclaimer and a reminder to respect the rights of the content creators and owners

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: Is it legal to download movies from these sources?

  • A: Yes, as long as you follow the terms and conditions of each source and do not distribute or sell the downloaded movies.

  • Q: What are some other ways to find free movies for kids online?

  • A: You can also check out some websites that offer free trials or subscriptions, such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. However, be careful to cancel before the trial period ends or you will be charged.

  • Q: How can I make sure that the movies I download are suitable for my kids?

  • A: You can use some tools and websites that provide ratings, reviews, and parental guidance for movies, such as Common Sense Media, Kids-In-Mind, Parent Previews, etc.

  • Q: How can I enhance the movie-watching experience for my kids?

  • A: You can create a cozy and comfortable environment, prepare some snacks and drinks, invite some friends or family members, and have some fun activities or discussions related to the movie.

  • Q: How can I balance the screen time and other activities for my kids?

  • A: You can set some rules and limits for how much and when your kids can watch movies, encourage them to do some physical and creative activities, and monitor their behavior and mood.

How to Download Kid Movies for Free Online

If you have kids, you probably know how much they love watching movies. Whether it's an animated adventure, a live-action comedy, or a documentary about animals, movies can entertain, educate, and inspire your little ones. And if you're a parent, you probably also know how useful movies can be when you need some peace and quiet, or when you want to spend some quality time with your family.

download kid movies for free online

But finding good movies for kids can be challenging and expensive. You may not have access to a movie theater or a cable TV service. You may not want to spend money on buying or renting DVDs or subscribing to streaming platforms. You may not trust the quality or safety of some online sources. And you may not have enough storage space or internet bandwidth to download large files.

That's why we've created this article to help you find the best places


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