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Fundamentals Of Communication Systems Proakis Solution Pdf ((INSTALL)) Download

In our previous work [20], we propose a communication scheme for RSS-based localization that minimizes the energy that is consumed during the measurement of the RSS while maintaining a given accuracy in this measurement. In [21] we extend this idea to TOA-based localization. The sensitivity of this strategy to errors in the distance estimation is evaluated in [22]. This paper builds on the strategy proposed in these previous works in order to gain a deeper insight into the energy consumption-localization accuracy trade-off. In particular, w.r.t. our previous work, we now provide a theoretical framework, showing that if all the involved parameters are expressed as a function of the signal to noise ratio, an optimal solution can be found in closed form. The advantages of this new formulation are twofold: (i) we capture the rationale of energy consumption by identifying its fundamental elements and their dependencies, and (ii) we achieve a considerable reduction in the computational complexity, as the closed-form solution avoids using a full search in the space of tunable parameters. Furthermore, we also extend previous work to take into account the effects of real propagation conditions, in order that the final strategy achieves the desired accuracy in the distance estimation even in real environments with shadowing and packet losses.

fundamentals of communication systems proakis solution pdf download


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