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Noah Brown
Noah Brown

Fdny Job Shirt Buy

Designed with input from firefighters, the 5.11 Tactical Quarter Zip Job Shirt will always look and feel neat, clean and professional. This work shirt is built for versatility and utility without compromising comfort and durability. Features of this pullover include multiple pockets for storing firefighter gear, handwarmer pockets on both sides, mic pockets at both shoulders and much more. This shirt can also be customized to meet department requirements.

fdny job shirt buy

For a comfortable, yet professional looking shirt, the Propper Quarter Zip Job Shirt comes highly recommended. This quarter-zip is made from a cotton-polyester fleece blend and comes complete with dual-depth chest pockets, mic clips at the shoulders and ergonomically friendly hand pockets. This shirt also includes anti-abrasion canvas reinforcements at the elbows, side pockets and inside collar for extra durability.

Not only does Galls supply a large selection of firefighter job shirts, but we also carry high-quality firefighter gear as well. Shop for firefighter turnout gear, extrication suits, hi-vis gear, communication equipment, fire rescue tools, lanterns and much more.

Game Sportswear's denim-collared jobshirt has been a longstanding go-to within the firefighting community for many years. Game Sportswear work shirts are reliable, durable, comfortable & professional. What more could you want?

The 5.11 Water Repellent Job Shirt keeps you comfortable and dry during a hard day's work. These shirts are designed with unique Storm Cotton blend fabric that is wrinkle, shrink and fade resistant to maintain a consistently professional appearance. Made with a quarter-zip front, this water-repellent shirt blocks moisture out while remaining breathable. Insulated handwarmer pockets on the sides keep fingers warm and responsive when the temperature drops, and the Chest BreakThrough pocket uses a hook-and-loop divider to keep your gear organized and close by. Mic clip pockets can be found on both shoulders, with an additional pen pocket on the left sleeve.

It was the day New York was attempting to return to "normal," and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's attire reflected the occasion. Gone was the crisis-mode windbreaker and FDNY (New York Fire Department) cap. Instead, the mayor appeared at a Monday press conference wearing a light gray suit, crisp white shirt, and dark tie. He looked precisely as he did one week ago - except for one detail: His black leather shoes were covered in a thick layer of dust. 041b061a72


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