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Adomania 1 : CD Audio Classe: A1 Book Pdf UPDATED

Adomania 1: A Complete French Course with Audio CD and PDF Book

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to learn French, you should check out Adomania 1: A Complete French Course with Audio CD and PDF Book. This course is designed for beginners who want to achieve level A1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). It is based on a task-based methodology that engages students in collaborative learning activities and authentic language situations.

Adomania 1 : CD audio classe: A1 book pdf

Adomania 1 consists of eight units, each with five lessons, a culture page, and a self-evaluation page. The lessons cover vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, and phonetics through various exercises and activities. The culture page features Francophone life and culture through different text types, such as articles, interviews, comics, and songs. The self-evaluation page helps students review what they have learned and provides study tips and links to external resources.

The course also includes an audio CD with all the listening materials per unit. You can also download the audio files from The PDF book contains the same content as the printed textbook, but in a digital format that you can access on your computer or tablet. You can also print out the pages you need for your personal use.

Adomania 1 is suitable for students of different ages and backgrounds. It follows the Australian and Victorian Curriculum in French and allows students to explore other disciplines in French, such as math, art, geography, and music. It is also compatible with the Parcours Digital platform, which offers interactive exercises, videos, games, and assessments.

Adomania 1 is transforming the way French is taught in Australian secondary classrooms. It is a comprehensive and engaging course that will help you master French in a month. Don't miss this opportunity to discover the joy of French with Adomania 1!

One of the main features of Adomania 1 is its cutting-edge task-based methodology. This means that each unit has a final task that students have to complete using the language and skills they have learned. For example, in unit 1, the final task is to introduce yourself and your family in French. In unit 2, the final task is to describe your daily routine and hobbies in French. The tasks are realistic and relevant to students' lives and interests.

The tasks also encourage students to work together and communicate in French. They can share their ideas, opinions, and experiences with their classmates and teacher. They can also use the Parcours Digital platform to interact with other students and teachers from different schools and countries. This way, they can practice their oral and written skills and develop their intercultural competence.

Another feature of Adomania 1 is its simple and clear presentation of language. The course uses a spiral approach that introduces new language items gradually and recycles them throughout the units. The grammar and conjugation points are explained in English and illustrated with examples. The vocabulary is presented in context and supported by images and audio. The phonetics section helps students improve their pronunciation and intonation. c481cea774


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